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Why is Christopher Columbus still celebrated as a National Hero? 


Uncovering of America's intention is to create an alliance between the Italian community of Genova, Italy and the Indigenous Peoples in the Americas at the aim of listening to the Native American perspective in regards to October 12th Columbus Day and about the figure of Christopher Columbus. Our mission is to build a digital platform for sharing stories, opening a dialogue to have a correspondence within this rare opportunity with the Italian community in Genova, the birthplace of Christopher Columbus and to challenge the educational system that has distorted the truth both in Italy and in the Americas about the truth of Columbus.


The home project is based in Ventimiligia, Italy and Santa Fe, New Mexico (USA). Uncovering of America's collective is extending a network across the Americas and calling for more Indigenous tribes to participate in telling our stories with the Italian community. 




The project started in 2017 when we (activists/artists Lucia Palmero, Italian, and AJ Goldman, Diné) began to share an interest in regards to the movement in the United States aimed at abolishing Columbus Day in favor of Indigenous People's Day. We both have felt that the educational system has constantly lied about the facts of Columbus and want to break down the barriers and create a connection of understanding and openness collectively for the truth. 



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