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Goldman creates work in experimental art projects including mixed media, conceptual photography, and installation art. His artistic work concerns the confrontation of cross-cultural, hybrid identities and intense observation of the social, cultural, and economic conditions.




Existentialist at heart, resident of a border town, Lucia Palmero investigates topics like identity and borders mainly through performance art. Artist and activist, she conceives art as a convector of social evolution.


Project Creator

Uncovering America Collective

Gypsie Running Cloud - Higuayagua

Kiriaki Aletheia Anastasiadis - Higuayagua

Jorge Estevan - Higuayagua

Gomeo Bobelu - Zuni

Holly Benallie - Diné 

Autumn Billie - Diné, Acoma, Taos

Janet Maria Rodgers - Mohawk/Tuscarora

Alex Jacobs - Mohawk/Tuscarora

Salish & Kootenai Tribe High School 

Liceo di Scienze Umane Piero Gobetti

Classroom 4B of High School 

Genova, Italy - Piero Gobetti 

GcGuru Communications 

Genova, Italy

Giulio Cataudella 

Special Thanks to GcGuru Communications for documenting our presentations, Maria Camilla De Palma, Castello D'Albertis Museum of World Cultures for hosting us, Giulio Cataudella, Maria Rebecca Ballestra (of blessed memory), and Jeremiah Cothren.

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